A Personalized Product Label


The ECOSYSTEM LABORATORY offers several types of services. Indeed, one of them is the possibility to custom your product label with your personal contact information, wherever your business is running. This service is taken in charge by our Laboratory as we design the label for you.

Notice: the label will be created according to local authority in terms of food & nutrition labelling.


Administrative Support


ECOSYSTEM offers a support and a personalized help to you in terms of administrative follow-up and ratification, so that you can benefit completely from a local service for the Living Blue distribution.

Notice: It is possible, in order to help introducing the product into you country, to provide you with some samples.


Express                      Delivery


Our distributive policy is based on a global interest spirit so that we together can benefit from it. We make sure to set a great delivery service both for small and large orders. We ensure a quality follow-up to guarantee perfect conditions and reasonable deadlines delivery.

Notice: this service concerns France and European countries, for more information please contact your Laboratory (see contact)