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1. Spirulina is a natural algae known for its high abundance in terms of active organic ingredients. Spirulina is incredibly rich in proteins, trace elements, nutrient vitamins.

2. Spirulina is a vegetal food supplement that is very complete and very easy to assimilate. All the minerals and vitamins of the spiruline, favor in synergy, the purification and the renewed energy of the body. This nutritional supplement is also a good source of proteins for the vegetarians and the vegans.

3. The high concentration in high bionutriments, protein and iron makes the spirulina covinient for everybody, it is ideal during pregnancy for women, it is recommended to supplement the children’s food, sports people, the elderly, during a recovery after surgeries, or anytime the immune system needs a boost.


 1. The process is unique, innovative and patented by the ECOSYSTEM Laboratory.

2. The phycocyanin rate is high (920mg/l), which explains the exceptional speed of action and the product efficiency.

3. The molecule remains fresh because it has been extracted under cold conditions from a high quality spirulina. The changing color from blue to red called the fluorescence, proves that the molecule is alive and not deteriorated.

4. The phycocyanin has always been known for being a  powerful antioxidant.

5. It leads to a stimulating action on the immune system.


1. Acerola, also called the Caribbean cherry, contains an  exceptional amount of vitamin C and polyphénols.

2. This super-fruit also has high concentrations of phosphorus, calcium, as well as vitamin B.

3. Acerola is a component with a very powerful antioxidant factor.

4. Acerola is known for its stimulant, anti-infectious and tonic properties.

5. Acerola has a major role regarding the Living Blue composition; Indeed this fruit is at the origin of the reference/recommended daily intake (100 % RDI) in terms of vitamin C : the only missing vitamin within the product.


1. The Living Blue® produced by the ECOSYSTEM Laboratory, is composed of spirulina. In liquid form, it has an even faster action, a better assimilation and a better taste than the powder form. This product is a very innovative food and nutritional supplement with high success sales on the market.

2. Living Blue® is made from high quality spirulina with new extraction technology (patented technology of French ECOSYSTEM laboratory) and a unique formula that allows spirulina being stable without additives or chemical preservatives. Furthermore all the ingredients are of vegetable origin.

Available in different formats : LIVING_BLUE®
- Box of 7 phials (70 ml)
- Box of 21 phials (210 ml)
- Bottle (250 ml)

Convenient for everybody, people consuming HALLAL & KASHER products, vegetarians, vegans and so on! The Living Blue is made without any animal ingredients.
Patented Product

Unique Product

Green Solvent

MLM Process

Living Blue has successfully been tested, approved and protected by an international patent.

Living Blue is unique thanks to the innovative phycocyanin extraction from the spirulina in this liquid form.

The Glycerol is also known for its asset of being a natural and a green solvent. It is also famous for its sweet taste.

Living Blue is a Direct Selling product, which means that you can manage your business whenever you need and wherever you want.