Direct Distribution – Direct Selling


Direct selling allows Ecosystem to be in direct contact with its clients. The Ecosystem company searches in its own laboratory and then formulates and manufactures products that are sold directly to consumers. Assuring itself all these steps Ecosystem enables its customers to achieve excellent innovative products at competitive prices.

A solid company

With an experience of over 25 years , a significant capital ( € 280,000 ) and a range of highly innovative products , Ecosystem is a very healthy business with high potential. Our products are recognized for their quality internationally and successive innovations ensure the growth of the company and its international development.

Natural products of high quality

Business people group.

Ecosystem chose to conceive only natural products. We select the best raw materials and our research and development team uses materials that are at the forefront of technology. Our products are recognized for their quality and they are very innovative.
What does explain the success of Ecosystem ?

  • Experience : Ecosystem is a company that exists since 1989. We have extensive experience and our products have been proven. It is often said that one of the problems of direct selling is the sustainability of companies. It is true, many direct selling companies disappear in their first three years of existence, because our profession is highly selective. By contrast, companies that have existed for over 10 years and have achieved an international development, which is the case of Ecosystem, have a great potential and outstanding durability. Financial balance sheets of Ecosystem reflect the financial strength of our company.
  • Product quality : The Ecosystem products are more than good, they are awesome! The range of Ecosystem products is unique: Our products have excellent quality/price ratio, they are all very innovative to the point where we can consider that there are no equivalent in the world  moreover these are products that cater to huge markets. All conditions are met to make our customers acclaim the Ecosystem products and this results in a retention record.
  • Flawless logistics : Ecosystem has established a highly effective organization that allows advisors to work in the best possible conditions. Large investments are made to get the products available in stock and delivered on time.
  • The Ecosystem common interest plan : Ecosystem designed a very attractive commission plan that allows achieving unlimited earnings and has unique advantages. The Ecosystem counselors comfortably earn their living and we remain at your service to hosting you to an information meeting near to you in order to present our marketing plan to you.